Film Scoring

Here are some links to my work:

My Demo Reel

JCS 20th Anniversary, by Micha Hilliard

A short documentary that spreads the message of JCS, an International Relief and Development NGO that supports international volunteers to come and serve Mongolia. The vision of JCS is to see Mongolians empowered, to build and restore individual lives and society. The music, consisting mostly of piano and some vocals from Isabel Walsh evokes hopefulness for a brighter future and conveys the beauty of the natural landscape.

The Nest, by Blaise Dolcemaschio

A short film that captures a young adult’s transformation into embracing and overcoming his existential fears. The synthesizer-focused music conveys the dichotonomy between profound tension and inner peace.

Nina, by Emma He, Libby Salemi, Kinsey Denney and Peter Aguiar

A short film about a couple dealing with the aftermath of a deep tragedy in different ways. The piano-based music evokes a solemn and delicate atmosphere.

As a Child: My Wonder, by Leah Wood

A short, personal narrative film that beautifully captures the feeling of pure, child-like imagination. The music, consisting of ethereal acoustic guitar and vocals conveys the innocence of childhood and free-flowing fantasy.